Virtual Balloon Race

Join our Virtual Balloon Race, setting off from Lapland on Christmas Day! Track your balloon over the week and see how far it travels.

The Little School balloon that travels the furthest will receive a £20 book token. And there's £500 cash or an iPad up for grabs for the lucky national winners!

Balloons cost £3 each - money raised will support Longparish Little School. Buy as many balloons as you like, or gift a balloon to others. Why not compete against family and friends! 

About the race:

The race starts at 9am on Christmas Day 2020 and runs for 7 days.
The winner is the balloon that has travelled the furthest in a straight line from the launch site.

Balloons are subject to a simulated flight pattern based on the real weather conditions at the time.

Make sure to edit your balloon and add a name, so we know who it belongs to.

Balloons can be decorated or customised by changing the helium content, shape and thickness of the rubber. This will affect the flight pattern of your balloon.

Track your balloons' progress from your own online dashboard. 

To enter visit our EcoRacing page here.

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