News & Events in November

Children in Need

Wear your pyjamas to Little School on Friday 13th and make a donation online:


National Nursery Rhyme Week, 16th-19th

During National Nursery rhyme week, the children will be learning and practicing some traditional and new rhymes and songs. We will also do some different fun activities linked to rhymes. We will film the children singing the songs and post them on Famly so you can also sing them at home.

Pirate Day, Thursday 19th 

Pirate Day Yarrrr! It’s the Little School Pirate Day! Dress up like a pirate and take part in lots of fun pirate-themed activities. In return, please raid your treasure chests at home, and donate any pirate booty to Little School. Your loose change will help support our work and activities. The children will make a treasure chest and they can bring in any booty from home to post into the treasure chest. (Please put any money into little bags before posting.)

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