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Forest School and Woodwork

Forest School sessions

Longparish Little School are now running Forest School sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays for children who attend Little School. A Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor, nature-based play and learning, and in this case, is set within the beautiful woodland environment around Longparish village.

One of the great benefits of Forest Schools is that it helps children develop many skills that are harder to teach in a classroom setting. They also encourage children to be active with lots of physical activities to help develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Claire Nash, Longparish Little School Manager, explains: "Every week, come rain or shine, the children have the opportunity to learn about our local natural environment through play. They are learning to handle risks, and importantly use their own initiative to solve problems and work together."


Please contact us for more information on how your child can attend our Forest School sessions, This applies to children who are attending Little School or planning to join Little School.

Support for Forest School and Woodwork

Thank you to Longparish Parish Council, Vitacress, Taylor Wimpey, Bellway Homes, Raymond Brown, South Coast Building Supplies, Andover Alarms and our fantastic parents for their donations. We would also like to thank Longparish Primary School and Middleton Estate for letting us use their land.

Can you help us by donating equipment? Order items from our Amazon Wish List and have them delivered directly to Little School.

For more information on how you and your company can support our Forest School contact 



Why woodwork?

It is more important than ever for the new generation to be able to think creatively and develop problem-solving skills. Woodwork exercises such skills as children make their own choices and learn through trial and error. It sparks creative thinking and imagination, qualities that are at least as important in our changing world as the practical skills gained. Woodwork encompasses all aspects of learning and development, supporting maths, scientific investigation, physical coordination, language, and vocabulary, so it can be central to your curriculum. Initially, children are taught how to use the tools safely and given opportunity to try techniques in appropriate ways. As they gain mastery, delight and pride give their self-esteem a visible boost. Learning progresses at each child’s individual pace. Once they have mastered the basic skills, they move into open-ended exploration, making unique creations. Now their creative thinking and confidence in problem-solving flourish as they meet and resolve their own challenges.

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