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What we do

Helping your child grow through play.




Our ethos


We believe that children learn and develop best when they are able choose where and what they play. Being engaged in an activity that interests them in a well-resourced activity area creates the right mindset for learning to take place. With the support and timely intervention of their key person, children are able to learn and make progress. We use this approach to build the foundations of children's learning and development so they can flourish when they go forward into their school lives.


Session schedule


Here’s a brief run down of a typical morning or afternoon session at Longparish Little School.


  • Children are welcomed into Little School, hang up bags and coats and self register by placing their name card on the door.

  • Free play in any of the activity areas. 

  • Snack time runs alongside the free play. Children are offered a healthy snack and the choice of milk or water to drink.

  • Tidy up time.

  • Story and singing.

  • Parents come to collect children.


Children who stay for a morning and afternoon session, or stay for lunch are able to bring their own packed lunch or purchase a cooked meal from Longparish Primary School (lunches cost £3.50 per day, invoiced at the end of each month).



Key workers

All children and families have a designated key person. This person will support you and your child to settle into the Little School environment. You can talk to your key person informally at the beginning or end of sessions or at any time can arrange to meet up for a chat. The key person can also do a home visit, if you feel that will assist the settling in process. 

All key persons have been supported by a ‘buddy’ key person, an additional person your child and family can go to in the absence of your key person. We have implemented this as children, especially those settling in, can make strong attachments more easily to two people.





Having a range of activities on offer helps to develop the children's ability to select and work through different tasks. They are encouraged to take part in adult-led activities which introduce them to new experiences and help them to gain new skills. They are also encouraged to play in small groups, giving them the opportunity to interact and work alongside others.


We often use the school hall for indoor activities such as sports with the Andover Lions, parachute games, music and dancing.


We believe that outdoor activities contribute to the children’s health, physical development and their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We therefore encourage all children to take part in both child-led and adult-led outdoor activities. Our outdoor area is available all year round and includes a mud kitchen, sandpit and outdoor canopy area. In the spring of 2021 we raised enough money to resurface the outdoor area with artificial grass, in keeping with our countryside surroundings. We installed an enclosed nature area with planters to grow fruit and vegetables, and a brand new slide. 

There is a bird table and a bird box with a camera in it which is connected to the children's computer. The children really enjoy watching the birds go about their daily business!


To enhance the experience of our children and to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world we organise several visits outside the immediate Little School vicinity. In the last year visits have been made to Hillier Gardens, the Lights Theatre and Apple Shaw Farm to see some lambs being born. 


We also welcome visitors into playgroup to talk and work with the children. Recent visitors have included police liaison officers, Reverend Hemming and Reverend Marsden. Regular visitors include coaches from Andover Lions Football Club who coach the children every Friday. 



Recording progress - Famly Online


Longparish Little School uses an online learning journal called Famly to record daily progress. We trialled this in the summer term of 2020 with a group of parents and found that it works really well for both Little School and the families. One of the benefits is that it generates next steps for each child that both the Little School and parents can work towards. You can also add your own photos or observations, so we can see what your child does at home.



Early Years Learning


We are registered with Ofsted and Hampshire County Council as a provider of Early Years Education. We operate according to current Ofsted legislation.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework is what we use to guide our planning for the learning and development of the children in our Playgroup.


If you would like any more information than this or have questions about the EYFS please talk to us or visit the EYFS Website.

Starting at Longparish Little School


The enrolment process 

  • Children can start Little School at the age of 2 years and 6 months. We have spaces for up to 20 children per session.

  • Please contact us as soon as you can to put your child’s name on the waiting list.

  • We will contact you at least a term before your child is due to start to discuss what sessions you require.

  • You will receive written confirmation of your child's place at Little School.

  • Items badged with the Little School logo will be available for purchase: sweatshirts for £13.50 and t-shirts for £9.50 You will receive a free bag with our logo. These are voluntary purchases.

  • You will be offered a preschool 'buddy' (another parent and child already attending Little School) to help you and your child settle into the preschool community.

  • You will also be invited to arrange some settling in sessions for you and your child to spend time at Little School, meeting their key person, buddy key person and the other children and becoming familiar with the surroundings.

  • Home visits are offered to all new families. The key person is available to visit and play in the child's home environment.

Your child’s first day at Little School.

Whether your child has spent time at other preschool settings or with a childminder, or whether they have been at home with you, your child's first day at preschool can be an emotional one. We encourage parents to stay until their child feels secure and ready for them to leave. One of the staff will help you both to settle in and feel comfortable.

We request that you bring in a spare set of clothes and weather appropriate accessories, eg a sun hat, wellington boots, hat and scarf. Please ensure that all clothes and footwear are marked with your child’s name. Name tags can be purchased from My Name Tags, using School ID 97824. 

Toilet training

Your child does not have to be toilet trained; we have nappy changing facilities but you will need to supply nappies and baby wipes. If your child has started to toilet train we will help with this while they are at playgroup. We do advise that you bring in extra spare sets of clothes in case of accidents. We do have potties to help your child.

Early Talk Boost

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention aimed at 3-4-year-old children with delayed language helping to boost their language skills to help narrow the gap between them and their peers. The programme aims to accelerate children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 6 months, after a nine-week intervention.


How will children improve their language and communication skills?


Children who are selected to take part in the Early Talk Boost intervention will attend three sessions per week during circle/story time, each lasting 15-20 minutes delivered by an early years practitioner.


The sessions include activities that cover the foundation skills in speech, language and communication that children need for learning and understanding new words, as well as having conversations.

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